Step 1: The Brief

Fullers Finer Furniture provide an informative and friendly consultation service to ensure each piece of furniture is tailor made to the client’s exact specification. Fullers Finer Furniture has the experience to produce items in keeping with and complementary to a historic building, a brand new building or anything in between. Adaptions can be made to meet new technological requirements, recent examples include the option to have an iPad rest on lecterns or to have logos or symbols backlit for impressive results.  The service may include an on-site visit and/or a presentation to interested parties. This ensures the setting and requirements are fully understood.

Wood samples can be supplied to help identify the most suitable finish.  

Fullers Finer Furniture believes that it is important to discuss details from the start in order to best meet the client’s expectations and facilitate the design process.

Step 2: The Concept

Once “the concept” has been realised, the next stage is to design the furniture.  Having established the purpose and setting, careful consideration is given to size, colour and the species of wood. Wood can be finished to match existing furniture and on occasions pre used wood can be incorporated into a new piece.  Fullers Finer Furniture will draw up designs based on previous discussions for consideration by the client.

Step 3: The Production

When the client is satisfied with the design we move on to producing a piece of furniture that will grace your place of worship or learning using the finest woods and boards. 

Step 4: The Delivery

Once complete each piece of furniture is carefully packaged and delivered by Fullers Finer Furniture or by their carefully selected nationwide courier. If work is to be carried out on site this will be undertaken with due consideration for others using the building. Care will be taken to protect the fabric of the building and to ensure that the site is left clean and tidy.


Step 5: Customer Satisfaction

The aim of Fullers Finer Furniture is to provide the highest possible standard of customer service no matter how big or how small the project. The desire is to produce furniture which is an aesthetically pleasing combination of practicality and natural beauty, which can serve and grace the intended building for many years to come. 

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